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Meet the MOST WANTED dogs in Australia


Here are some illustrious contestants to last week’s Waggle contest. I called this contest “GET something for WHAT you have LOST” because it was all about your dogs’ greatest feats of destruction – the prize being a $100 Shopping Spree at Waggle. Congratulations to all the dogs on their destructive achievements!

These dogs have proven how WANTED they are! 

Our dogs are so marvellous that we are willing to turn a blind eye to a chewed up $700 pair of designer glasses or a front yard completely shredded. In the end, dogs are love. And we all know it. We want their love.

With that I’ll leave you with some mug shots of our most WANTED DOGS. Please enjoy their resumes of utter destruction.


“Diesel is not a great destroyer, he just seems to be around cushions and Toys when they explode.”

– well loved by Louise White ❤️





“This is Charlie, this is what he looks like after he has chewed through bird netting and extra tough plastic trellis to get into my vegetable garden.

Once inside he has eaten all of my ripe tomatoes, biten into and spat out all of the unripe ones along with the capsicums and strawberries. Plants are all but destroyed.

He eats whole watermelons which weigh over 10kgs in a sitting, leaving no evidence there was even a melon there. He peels oranges and mandarins. He knows he shouldn’t do it but he can’t help himself.”

– well loved by Bec Strickland ❤️


This is Annie who, the space of 11 seconds, munched through the arm of my new $1000 prescription glasses … and then had the audacity to drag the wine bottle out of the recycle bin and lick out the last few drops and ask for more! 

– well loved by Kerry Ross ❤️



This is Dyson – he is a German Shorthair Pointer. Dyson has done a great many Very Bad Things in his eight and a half years, but his proudest achievement is ripping out and destroying the entire backyard watering system in one afternoon, when we weren’t looking. But we still love him – with a face like that, how could we not? 

– well loved by Karen Lisk ❤️


This is Miss Myla. So far she has chewed up two pairs of my expensive pairs of glasses and three pairs of cheap glasses.

After brushing my teeth one night I walked into my room and found her ripping up my mattress and having a wonderful time

She’s also loving this pandemic because face masks are amazing and everyone carries one, she likes to check people’s pockets to see if they have a mask she can take, and if they do, she grabs it and runs. She has also broken a window doing zoomies.

– well loved by Mandi Hamilton ❤️


“Rónán – butter would not melt in his mouth you would think…. wrong – every dog bed, every pillow, anything he can get he kills!!! and I mean everything, he does not care if you are right there…… he catches sparrows!!! mixed breed terrier and can never be let loose. So cute and a I can tear apart anything I want…….”

 – well loved by Caroline Bennett ❤️


This is Jessie. Doesn’t she look the picture of innocence, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Well she had a thing about hoses when she was young. She ate 7 full hoses, chewed them up into about 1 foot lengths, then the final straw she ripped out the hose fitting from the brick wall tap and all she had a wonderful time. She even chewed up a seat belt in my new 7 seater Outlander that I bought for the dogs only had it a week. Fortunately it was the 7th seat belt of course it can’t be replaced unless I take out the moulded side panel of the car out to replace it – huge job. She has chewed up 5 walking harnesses and many leads. Toys don’t last long either don’t know how many toys she has destroyed. Jessie has just turned 4 years. She was 3 1/2 when she chewed up the seat belt. Still loved her though!

– well loved by Judith Loudon ❤️


My name is Sherlock. I was so excited when my mum woke up one day, I jumped on the bed to kiss her and I vacuumed her diamond earing right out of her ear….. she looked through my poo for a week before she found it!

– well loved by Elle Kay Dee ❤️




Don’t be fooled by this gorgeous face and innocent eyes…this dog is a super killer muncher…destroyed the new garden plants, the garbage bin a few times, several soccer balls, tennis and baseballs, oh yeah and those indestructible toys …gone! Loves to pull the white stuffing out of any toy especially the squeaky ones and will work on them for hours.

Ate the strap of my best shoes (non repairable), a dog bed and a few leads too, and about $200 worth of prime meat (over several days when stealing it from kitchen bench). And her furrows ears are great for a nibble too. But we still love her!

– well loved by Cathy Kaplun ❤️


Ripped up a third of the Lino in the dining room, chewed my mums Oakleys she had responsibly owned for 8 years, demolished a dozen 50th birthday invitations and polished it all off with over half a dozen star-shaped split pins in one sitting!

– well loved by Meghan Harbrow ❤️



This is Wilson, He’s a big boy who doesn’t know his own strength, his greatest feat of destruction to date would be my leg that he snapped!!

– well loved by Frances Chichkan ❤️





This is my sweet boy, Levis. He is 15 years old now but when he was a pup, he was super destructive!

We went through many couches, mattresses, towels, underwear and socks, a limited edition gold plated flip phone (it was the early 2000’s!)

Hurricane’d through the garden, broke louvers to get outside… and of course, rest the souls of the stuffed toys who have been lost to this boy! His favourite trick was turning a whole pack of toilet paper into snow while we were at work. Big learning experience but wouldn’t change this boy for the world.

– well loved by Chantel Qualischefski ❤️



This is Benson. He used to love chewing extension leads. Then one day he didn’t. We think he may have found one plugged in a gotten a zap.

well loved by Amber Sarney ❤️





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