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What has your 🐕 taught you?



“Vivi my rescue dog has taught me that appearance doesn’t matter. Despite being born without front legs, Vivi gets on with life and gets around perfectly and is a happy, healthy dog. Many people overlooked her for adoption as she was in the too hard basket but she is no different from any other dog.” – Simone Tucker

Last week I asked “What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your dog?”.  I received so many amazing responses that I’ve got to share them with you. But I fell for Vivi. She’s such a beautiful soul and really has so much to teach us about what’s important in life.

It turns out we have some very smart dogs on our hands…. CHECK THEM OUT:


Stumpy❤️ STUMPY

Stumpy is an 18month old border collie. We raised him from birth. At 3 days old he had an accident and lost two toes, at a week old he lost his mum, at three months old he had his toes cleaned up with a neat amputation. At twelve months, he broke his foot and has just finished four weeks in a splint to heal it. It was likely he was going to loose his leg, but we saved it. Stumpy has taught me resilience. He accepts every battle and powers through. The biggest lesson I gained was to accept what life throws at you, and be resilient enough to keep going with a smile and wagging tail
– Jenna Taylor


All dogs know is this moment, right now. They teach us to be present. My Bootsy boy just had a huge operation and we were so close to losing him when he got impaled on a stick. He has reminded me that we don’t know what life has in store for us and it can all fall apart so quickly so be grateful and be present in every moment.
– Kate Gazzard


Due to my beloved boy’s history in a home with violence before coming to us, he has taught me to reflect on my countenance and look at how my actions eg shouting, can impact my home and those in it. A deeper lesson in self regulation. I’m so grateful.
– Kelly Catherine


Bella taught me if you don’t like it don’t eat it.

– Nadia Antonucci Fornaro





My beautiful rescue dog Maya has taught me Patience and pure love after a death in family. She has also taught me that I can do anything I want to as she is also my Assistance Dog
– Skye Somerville



Cooper teaches unconditional love.
– Leanne Behne






Winston teaches me to be truly present in each moment , and to enjoy the simple things in life … a nice nap in the sun , a frolick in the grass , a soft warm breeze ruffling my hair! Thank you Winston!
– Jasmyn Myn



That commitment and persistence pays off… This is Bernie I should add!
– Fiona Muir





All my dogs have taught me something. My youngest Avery has taught me to keep it fun! So before training gets a bit ho hum we stop and end it with a game. As you can see she has such a zest for everything and i plan to keep it that way
– Katrina Coulson



My girl Sara has taught me to never give up. She is the reason I get up every day. She is the reason I’m still earthside. She almost died in 2017 and lives every day with such determination.
– Liz Durant-Dare



This is Heidi, shes shown me that patience is possible and even I can achieve it. We get a lot of foster dogs through our home and just watching how patient Heidi is with them, as she helps them basically learn how to be a dog again. She seems more human than dog
– Frances Chichkan



This is my nearly 13 year old Kenz. She teaches me to appreciate the good in a day and to focus on the can rather than the can’t. Also to cherish each and every day and not let limitations get in the way of living life to the full.
– Sally Legg



My Bella, nearly 1 has taught me to never leave shoes unattended and keep up with the training
– Kathy Stickney





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