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How is your dog coping with social distancing?





Thanks so much for sharing your dogs!

I think it’s fair to say from my sample survey that canines are not all experts at social distancing! Dogs… your peeps have turned you in. Here are some of the behaviours that were uncovered:


No social distancing here – just a spot of
friendly biffo and bitey-face! 🐾😊



Jasmine and I have been in lockdown most of the last 6 weeks. We’ve been in hospital twice in Melbourne (see photos) where we got caught up in a COVID-19 cluster at a clinic where 16 patients were infected with the virus, hence we were in isolation on the ward for several days until we discharged. Arriving back in Tasmania twice since 28 March we have had to enter two weeks of mandatory isolation both times, the second of which we’re still in for nearly another week. Fortunately because Jasmine is an assistance dog and we can’t be separated and on medical / compassionate grounds we’ve been allowed by the government to self isolate at home rather than in a locked down government facility.





No Social Distancing here…..
My neighbors whippet ‘Shirley’ (front).
My whippet (Lily) backrow.











Jack and Storm going crazy
shredding all the books
in their dad’s study.













Tao is playing dress
up in isolation.












Miso is sleeping straight
through the pandemic.








I tried explaining social distancing to Killy (red) and Aesun (blue) but all they care about is my recovery 💕.









This is Rusty, pretending to be
a swamp monster on our daily
isolation gardens walk.













Sweet Issy provides love to her pawrents but doesn’t understand social distancing at all and wonders why she can’t randomly introduce herself to people when she is on her walk anymore.












Stella has been eyeing off the Ruffwear gear while in isolation.







No social distancing to see here…Wilson and Matilda at there finest.











Raven is being destructive. School is cancelled, training and events cancelled, he is going nuts. He is normally very active as he is only 16 months and loves his outings. Isolation is hard for him.









Thanks so much to everyone who shared their dogs!

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As always, all the best to your pack!
Zoe & Pluto 🐕


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