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What if one day you just don’t show up for your dog?

homealoneWe feed them.
We give them water.
We walk them.
We play with them.
We talk with them.
We let them in and out.

What would happen to your dog if you just didn’t show up one day?

Arguably not the most pleasant topic to think about, but many of our fabulous dogs stay at home alone.

And wait for us.

No one else is involved in looking after them. And no one may know that they are there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you were unable to make it home to your dog that someone reliable would be contacted to go and see to the needs of your pack?

That’s why I’ve made this card. Just print it out, write the contact details of an emergency guardian for your dog on the back, and pop it into your wallet. In the case that something unexpected happens your dog will be sorted!

But with any luck it will always remain an unused insurance policy. : )

Download the file for printing here: My Dog Is Home Alone

All the very best and safest to your pack!


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