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3 ways to tell if your dog is well hydrated

hydrationSummer is certainly here! Some places in Australia have been experiencing consecutive days above 40 degrees Celsius! It’s time for a nice cool drink. Only, your dog isn’t easily able to let you know that she would like a drink too. So, you have done all the right things this summer…you are walking your dog early in the morning or late at night when its cooler and the pavements and hard surfaces aren’t scalding. You have made sure that your dog has somewhere cool to lie when you are out during the day, you got one of those collapsible water bowls for trips to the beach and your dog has normal water bowls all over your home and yard. Excellent! But is your dog drinking enough?

3 ways to tell if your dog is drinking enough & is well hydrated

There are a few sign of dehydration in dogs that you can look out for. Some are easier to spot than others. Your dog may become lethargic and tired, move slower and generally not be quite as energetic. Which is precisely how I feel on a 40 degree day!

Here are a couple of easier things to test:

  1. Is your dog’s nose is as wet as it usually is when it is put in your face at 5am to wake you up for walkies?! A dry nose, mouth and eyes could indicate dehydration.
  2. Do the pinch test. Grab a small area of looser skin on your dog and pinch it gently away from your dog’s body. If it elastically returns to its normal position, that is a good thing, all the cells are plump with water. If the sin takes a long time to return and is saggy, the cells have lost water and can’t hold their form as well.
  3. If it has been hot, or if your dog has been ill and if you haven’t seen them drinking much water or they just aren’t being themselves your dog may well be dehydrated. Or of course if you have any doubts, go and see your vet.

There are some fun ways to ensure that your dog takes in enough water to avoid dehydration through the hotter weather. Sometimes they just don’t drink quite enough….there might be a lot of activity at home during the school holidays. They might be going on trips everywhere and don’t have their regular water bowl. Or the neighbour got a new puppy for Christmas and your dog has been preoccupied with the noises from over the wall.

Here are a few creative ways to give your dog a rehydration boost.

  1. Coconut water water – No, that isn’t a typo. Add a few glugs of coconut water to a bowl of water for your dog a couple of times during hot days. Let them see you doing it so they know that there isn’t just boring water in their bowl. Coconut water is not only delicious, but is full of electrolytes and provides rapid rehydration.
  2. Coconut cubes – freeze some coconut water water in ice cube trays as a cooling, crunchy treat for your dog.
  3. Fruit cubes – prepare some regular water ice trays, but add a few berries to each cube. Rehydration and a tasty vitamin C boost for your dog!
  4. Watermelon treats – watermelon is about 92% water, so packs a great rehydration punch but is also sweet and juicy and delicious. If you freeze a few chunks and slices your dog can enjoy the treat for a little longer.

Drinking water and staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring for you or your dog. These tasty ways to rehydrate should help you keep those water bowls interesting and those little noses wet. Stay safe this summer, and don’t forget your water waters.

This post was contributed by Michelle Clark of Dogg & Carrot

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Through Dogg & Carrot Michelle strives to provide a range of healthy products for dogs, so that she can help dog owners to give their best friends a healthy, happy and delicious life. She can’t wait for her products to give your dog some extra wiggle.

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