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3 Comfortable Alternatives to the Cone of Shame

Cone of ShameWe’ve all seen that hangdog look. When your dog has an injury the recovery period can be the most painful part. Wearing a big plastic cone makes things more traumatic. They’re cumbersome, collide loudly with obstacles and prevent your dog from eating & drinking and being in natural positions. Imagine trying to recover with all that working against you! Luckily there other options are available. Today I’ll take you through 3 comfortable options in recovery protection and how you can best use them.


Recovery ConeMade from tough, water proof fabric the ZenPet Soft Recovery Collar allows your dog to relax in natural positions.

WHAT’S TO LIKE: There’s no foam or backing board which makes it breathable & prevents irritation behind the ears. The pliability of the material allows your dog to snuggle up with you, rest her head, sleep comfortably and access her food and water dishes. No sharp edges will dig into your dog’s skin. The fabric is quite sturdy but it does have some give. The cone itself is adjustable with a series of velcro strips. It’s fully machine washable.

HOW TO USE:  The ZenPet Soft Recovery Collar can prevent your dog from licking an injury on any part of the body. But be sure to get the right fit. The most important thing with the ZenCone is that you do a Neck to Snout measurement (distance from where you dog’s collar sits under the chin all the way up under the chin to the end of the snout) and a Neck measurement (around where your dog wears a collar). You need to use BOTH to choose the right fit. If your dog’s snout is longer than the neck to snout measurement of the collar then it will not be effective. If you use both measurements you’ll have a very comfortable and effective recovery collar.


ProCollar Recovery CollarThe ZenPet Inflatable Protective Collar is an inflatable collar made of a plastic vinyl and inflated through a two-way air valve.

WHAT’S TO LIKE: The ZenPet Inflatable Protective Collar can protect your dog’s injuries without restricting your dog’s vision at all or preventing your dog from reaching his bowl. Because it’s inflated, it’s soft and comfy like a neck pillow when your dog rests his head against it.

HOW TO USE:  The ZenPet Inflatable Protective Collar is best for preventing your dog from licking injuries on your dog’s forward to mid section. If your dog has stitches on the hind quarters or back legs you might be better off choosing another option as many dogs will be able to reach these areas. (If you try one out & it doesn’t prevent your dog from reaching critical areas we’re more than happy to refund you.)


Suitical Recovery SuitThe Recovery Suit is a breathable, lightweight,  four way stretch fabric suit which covers and protects your dog’s injuries. Just unsnap and fold back for your dog to do business.

WHAT’S TO LIKE:  I love this suit because it’s more streamlined and probably more comfortable than any type of neck collar could be. If your dog has skin sensitivities, hotspots or allergies the Recovery Suit provides excellent body coverage as well. The suit prevents damage from scratching and biting and also greatly limits contact with allergens.

HOW TO USE:  The Suitical Recovery Suit is great for preventing your dog from getting at injuries on the core body. Air can circulate a wound and keep the area dry. The suit doesn’t have leg coverage so if you’ve got a paw issue you’ll be better with one of the other options above.


Thanks to these great recovery options your dog can skip the Cone of Shame and recover comfortably. And none of these options will scratch or mark your furniture. They won’t hurt you if your dog runs into you either!

If you have any questions about choosing the best option (or the right size) for your dog we’re here to help! Just give us a ring on 1300 725 781.  We’d love to chat.

All the very best to your pack!


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