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Ruffwear Climate Changer

Cold snap in effect! How’s your dog holding up? Despite their furriness dogs are vulnerable to cold just like us. Short haired dogs require more insulation than wooly ones. But tuck your mate in a jacket on a harsh day & you’ll have one thankful buddy! 

Every dog has unique requirements in a coat. I’ve rated our coat range based on warmth, water resistance, security for escape artists, low profile fit, ease of putting on, suitability for for hard to fit dogs, and pyjama like comfort. Have a look and compare below to find your mate’s best match.


Most Winter
Streamlined *Active Dogs Water
Secure for Escape Artists Fits Hard to Fit Dogs Great as Pajamas Quickest to
Put On
Streamlined *Active Dogs Water
Secure for Escape Artists Fits Hard to Fit Dogs Great as Pajamas Quickest to
Put on

For Your Hard to Fit Mates

Your dog has a very stocky build & thick neck or a skinny build & thin neck. Fitting can be a challenge! Here are some good options for you. The Venture Coat velcros shut firmly in two places with a lot of overlap, so you have heaps of adjustability which suits skinny dogs well. The FuzzYard Wrap Coats (Stripe, Argyle, Dot + Houndstooth) work similarly and have plenty of room for the more rotund. The EzyDog Element Jacket has an elasticised neck and girth strap which can expand to accommodate your stockier mate.

Keeping Your Houdini Dog Covered

For the dog who can escape out of anything you’ll be wanting something with enclosed fastening. The Ruffwear Cloud Chaser and the Ruffwear Climate Changer have covered side zippers while the Ruffwear Quinzee and Ruffwear K9 Overcoat feature enclosed closure clips. The Ruffwear range offers a nice streamlined fit so that your dog doesn’t have as much coat to get purchase on when trying to undress!

Streamlined Coats Are Best for Your Active Dogs

Does your dog love wild outdoor adventures? It’s all about low profile for you. You’re best to go for a streamlined fit so the coat doesn’t have any extra bulk or straps to catch on anything outside. Check out the Ruffwear Range for the lowest profile fit.

Who Says Dogs Don’t Need Pajamas?

I know. In Australia many of us don’t have indoor heating. Even when we do, it usually goes off at night. But we people spend that time cozied up in bed! If you find your dog trying to squirm in and join you it’s time to get a cozy night time jacket. Best options for night time comfort are the FuzzYard Wrap Coats (StripeArgyleDot + Houndstooth) or the Ruffwear Climate Changer .

If you have any questions about choosing the right coat (or the right size) for your dog we’re here to help! Just give us a ring on 1300 725 781.  We’d love to chat.

All the very best to your pack!


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