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6 Ways To Make Running With Your Dog Effortless!

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My list of what makes dogs great grows every day. Their enthusiasm for activity is gobsmacking. So just get MOVING with your dog. Let nothing hold you back. Need a push? I’ll take you through some great gear to make running with your mate smoother and more joyful.

Run Effortlessly With Your Dog

Ok, running effortlessly…  well that’s a bit misleading. The running part (at least for me) is never effortless. It was the ‘with your dog’ part I was referring to as effortless.  The main inconvenience of running with your dog? Holding that leash! You want to swing your arms properly and that’s hard when your hand is attached to your mate. What if you didn’t have to hold it?

Hands free running is totally achievable. We have some excellent leads that can be waist worn (as well as hand held). My top choices would be the Ruffwear Roamer Leash and the EzyDog Road Runner Leash. These leads can easily be secured around your waist and they both demonstrate unique shock absorbing qualities through the inclusion of a durably engineered stretchy bit. This takes the jolt out of your dog’s pull in case your direction & speed intentions are not 100% in sync at all times.

Sometimes you might want the control of having that leash in your hand. But chances are you still don’t want to hold it. Voila! We’ve got another great option: the EzyDog Handy Leash. It’s is a soft neoprene handle which fits around your hand and attaches with a carabiner to whatever leash suits your needs. No holding required. Loose running hands are yours – until a cat runs by. And then you have the leash right at the ready in your hand.

Carry Your Gear Easily

Keys, your phone, a bit of cash for emergency and a key. Oh and a bag for the business! You’re probably wanting these with you. Carrying them is easy with DOOG waist worn bags. The DOOS Mini Running Belt is the smaller version. I just LOVE this belt. It’s the perfect size to hold a phone, a bag & a treat. The elastic band is very comfy and the size is small enough to move very easily with. There are two zippered pockets and you can pull bags out through the front without even opening it. Easy? Easy! I have to admit I use this bag even when I’m not with my dog.

The DOOG Walkie Belt is another great option. This one has 2 pockets for holding keys, phone, money & treats. You can carry 30 Tidy Bags as well as 20 antibacterial scented wipes. Let’s not talk about why we might need those! Again, you can grab a wipe or a bag without even unzipping anything. There’s even a velcro patch to carry a tennis ball but if you’re on the run this probably isn’t the smoothest idea.

Slow Down Speedy Gonzales

It turns out that gazillions of us have dogs that pull on the lead. That’s why the Front Range Harness keeps popping up. This baby can sort out your dog’s pulling without causing discomfort – to either of you! Attach your lead to the front attachment point on the chest part of the harness and your dog’s pulling will be foibled. In effect pulling will now turn your dog around. When your dog doesn’t get the desired outcome – moving toward his target – the pulling will diminish greatly or even entirely. If you’d like to get your dog running with you at a reasonable speed in a reasonable direction this harness is the ticket.

We’re here to help! Try out anything from Waggle and you’ve got 100 days to decide if it’s a go for you or not. No harm done if you wish to return products for a refund (in new condition) after giving them a whirl. We want to solve your problems and make life better for you & your dog. If what you purchase doesn’t do that we couldn’t be more happy to refund you.

We’d love to hear your ideas too if you’d like to share any tips to make running with your dog more brilliant.

All the best to your pack!

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