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5 Canine Personas & The Toys that Make Them Tick

Ruffwear TurnUp ToyIs your dog is peering wistfully under that tree dreaming of a new toy? Toys make dogs happy, but even better, the right toy can improve your dog’s behaviour + mental health. There can be real $$$$ to be saved if your dog prefers the toy to say… tearing up the sofa.

What does your dog want most? And what toy will do the job best? To tackle those questions I’ll run through 5 common canine personas & their passions. Find your dog’s below and you’ll discover some tried & tested toys to suit that passion.

CANINE PERSONA #1: “I can send this baby to dog toy heaven quicker than you can say bye bye toy!”

Ever bought a shiny new dog toy and been so excited to give it to your pal? Your dog is thrilled. Over the moon. Five minutes later you are down $20, swearing like a trooper and surrounded by little pieces of plastic and stuffing…. that you THEN have to clean up! I have been there too my friend. It is mighty disheartening. This is by far the most common issue we are consulted about regarding dog toys. Will this toy have lasting power?

The toys in our tough chewers category are fully guaranteed. This means your toy is super tough. It also means your purchase will be refunded – no questions – if you run into any trouble. There are always a few determined canines out there who CANNOT be satisfied until an indestructible toy is proven fallible. They are the heroes of the dog world. If your dog is in this club you still may find one of these toys can break your dog’s winning record.

Here are some fabulous, 100% money back guaranteed, winners for THE DESTROYER:

Toys for Tough Chewers

  1. West Paw Jive I think this may be the toughest of the pack. It bounces, floats and it’s chewable. It’s pretty hard in terms of material. My daughter threw one for Pluto in the house when she was 3 (not a good idea!) and broke a wall to ceiling window. So avoid that! Great for outdoors though. The other West Paw toys are truly tough too, but due to the shape of Jive I deem it the toughest.
  2. Ruffwear TurnUp & Ruffwear Huckama These have a special place in my heart as they are Pluto’s faves. Made from sustainable natural latex rubber, they’re a chewier material than the West Paw Jive. There’s some rubbery give in them. Both are hollow (can be stuffed with treats), whistle as they fly and have a gorgeous minty smell which my dog LOVES. They pretty much light up the canine senses. And the TurnUp fits nicely in a standard ball thrower.
  3. StarMark Fantastic Foam Ball These balls have avid fans who keep coming back for more. Despite being incredibly lightweight these foam balls seem to be able to take on any dog and WIN. At $10 you can’t go wrong for a toy that can satisfy a staffy for 3 years. No bells & whistles. Just a lightweight ball that floats and promises to remain a ball for a nice long time. The medium fits into ball throwers but the lightness of the ball makes it a bit of a challenge to launch the ball from the thrower. A heavier ball does the trick better. The other toys in our StarMark Range are also super tough and provide treat dispensing and rope fling options.
  4. Cute, soft and as close to cuddly as you can get for a tough chewer, the Tuffy Dog Toy range is what you want if your chewer likes a softer touch. Tuffy Toys are rated by number to indicate toughness. If you’ve got a raving chewtastic maniac go the Mega Gear Ring as it’s a 10 on the scale. There are some cuter options (pigs, martians & dinosaurs) in the 7-8 range if you think your dog doesn’t need the most bullet proof option.

CANINE PERSONA #2: “Give me something REALLY fun to do! Or I’ll sort it out myself. No problemo! I saw you put those expensive new shoes somewhere in that closet…. “

I like to refer to this as the creative type. I’m sure you’ve thought of plenty of words for it. : ) Some dogs require more stimulation than others. Generally this means they are smart if that makes you feel any better. If you’ve got one of these characters you’ll be looking for Boredom Busters, toys which require your dog to do something to get satisfaction through a reward.

Here are some games of intrigue for those creative type:

Boredom Busters

  1. Nina Ottoson is my boredom busting hero. She’s come up with this genius range of canine puzzles. Just put treats in the puzzles and your dog has to figure out how to get them out. Many of the games have multiple levels so you can adjust the difficulty as your dog masters it by putting different blocks in place. They are all AWESOME! My Pluto loves the Dog Twister.
  2. The Foobler Puzzle Treat Toy is an ingenious NEW toy that I’ve watched go through crowd funding and am finally just getting in my hot little hands. It’s a ball shaped toy that dispenses treats automatically on a timer which you set. You fill 6 compartments with food. Each time the timer goes off the bell rings and a food compartment is released. The timer can be set for up to 9 hours. Pluto is definitely getting one of these babies for Christmas!
  3. StarMark have some excellent options for the clever types out there. The Treat Dispensing TetraFlex Ball contains a one-way sleeve to make filling easy but getting the treats out creates a whole new challenge. It’s flexible to chomp on yet durable. Another option, the Treat Dispensing Treat Ball is nice, chewy and very durable too. You load this one up with treats and the shape of the opening makes it challenging for your dog to get them out. Finally the Pickle Pocket is stronger than rubber, a great boredom buster for your powerful chewers! Just squeeze it to open and add the treats.

CANINE PERSONA 3: “If there is even a single drop of water within a 5 km radius from me I will find it and promptly hurtle myself into it in utter joy!”

Sound like someone you know? Here we have the aquaphile! I have one of these sleeping in my bed right now. Pluto ADORES the water and has been know to throw her own toys into a dirty river just to get an excuse to go in after them.

If your dog is an insatiable water lover you can’t go wrong with these:

Toys for Water Lovers

  1. Pluto and I love the Ruffwear Hydroplane. It’s easy to throw,
    glides beautifully, floats well, and it’s downright adorable when she retrieves it as it circles her head like a big golden Lifesaver. Two thumbs up here! The Ruffwear Lunker is great too. With the attached rope you can hurl it quite a distance. Floats great.
  2. If we’re talking cute and buoyant you can’t go past the Surf Dog Australia Shazza & Bazza Throw Toys. Uniquely Australian, these toys are shaped like beach goers. Throw them out in the surf for your furry hero to save.
  3. The WestPaw toys are also buoyant. The Jive (almost ball shaped), Hurley (bone shaped) and Zisc (frisbee) are super durable and great for water play.
  4. EzyDog’s Beaver Tail has a foam core surrounded by a strong rope woven into a tough, nubby lattice. It’s super lightweight and great for tug too.

CANINE PERSONA 4: “If you can throw it I will make it my absolute TOP PRIORITY to get it back you.. no matter WHAT it takes!”

Once Pluto followed a frisbee out into the surf. It was drifting out to sea and she pursued it with sheer determination until we really feared we’d lost her. She did come back. But let me just say that she did NOT come back without the frisbee. Her fetching is a passion which cannot be denied. Remind you of anyone?

For passionate retrievers here are our fetching faves:

Toys for Fervent Fetchers

  1. The Ruffwear TurnUp Ball is so great. It’s a natural latex rubber so super safe. It has a chewy yet masterfully durable texture. It whistles when it flies. It smells minty. It fits in a standard ball thrower. And it has an irregular shape which means it bounces in surprising directions when it lands. First class fun! And my dog’s absolute favourite.
  2. For the frisbee aficionados have a look at the Westpaw Zisc. Made with durable and buoyant Zogoflex material, it’s more pliable than a hard-shell frisbee and flies faster than those made of fabric. Gentle on soft mouths. Comes in 2 sizes. There is even a glow in the dark version!
  3. Wooden sticks are dangerous. Full stop. (Click here for more on this) Luckily we’ve got these gorgeous durable, natural rubber Super Sticks, a much safer option for fetching. These heroic toys feature glowing eyes and superhero attire. Another toy I’ve got ear marked for Pluto this Christmas.
  4. Prefer to hurl things with a rope? The StarMark Durafoam Swing ‘n Fling Fetch Ball is perfect for hurling. You can’t go wrong with the Ruffwear Lunker if you like something to hurl that’s a little more weighted.

CANINE PERSONA 5: “DID you HEEAAAR THAAAAT??? Something over there SQUEAKED! I! Want! It!”

We all have our passions. For some that passion is things that go ‘squeak!’. No judgement. In fact it’s pretty much the cutest passion I can imagine.

If squeaks are what makes tickles your dog pink check these out:

Toys that Go Squeak

  1. Fuzzyard’s Plush Dog Bone Toy was my Pluto’s first toy. (before she became a PERSONA #1: the toy destroyer) It’s cute, soft and cuddly with a beautiful squeak. Do not buy this toy if your dog delights in toy destruction though.
  2. If your dog is a destroyer you can still have the squeak. Go the Mega Gear Ring. It’s a 10/10 on the toughness scale and it’s got 4 squeakers.
  3. Equipped with 3 squeakers & strikingly good looking Tuffy’s Lieutenant Splock is 8/10 on toughness.
  4. Kelly the Kangaroo by Mighty Toys is a bit of a softer touch. Yet she’s still 9/10 on the mighty scale. And she squeaks!

There you have it. 5 common canine personas and the toys that make them tick. If you want to chat toys just ring us on 1300 725 781. We’re always happy to help and we love talkin’ dog.

As always, if you buy anything from you can return your purchase in new condition any time within 100 days for a full refund. Of course, if anything goes wrong with any item you buy from us we want to know about it. We pride ourselves on sorting out any problems that arise with anything we sell.

Have a holly jolly!

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  1. judy hogue says:

    I have loved all the info that came with the latest email—thank you Zoe

    • zoe says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback Judy. Great to hear that you are enjoying my posts. I launch these posts out into the world, hoping they are useful to people, but I almost never know the impact. Ha! Great to hear from a person on the other side. All the best to your pack Judy. : )

  2. Michael says:

    My dog is totally number 1 persona, she even destroyed a portrait of here from Cecilia at that I made for MYSELF to enjoy it 😀

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