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Fight Back Against Summer Paw Injuries

pp1 pp2pp3owiesboosAt this time of year we get SOS calls each day from people needing to prevent painful & expensive paw injuries in their dogs. Usually the paws are already damaged. The Vet’s been paid. The dog is resting & recovering. Walks are at a standstill. People are desperately seeking to escape a repeating cycle of paw issues. We can HELP!

Dogs who can’t walk are a big challenge so prevention is definitely the way to go. We can fight the war on paws. Our secret weapon: dog boots! You might not have seen many dogs in boots, but trust me, there are thousands of dogs across Australia now using the boots we carry to prevent grass seed injuries, contact allergies, painful bindi punctures and abrasion from hot asphalt or rough surfaces.  I’ll take you through our major enemies in the summer war on paws and what you can do to fight back.

1) Fight Grass Seed Issues Before The Vet Bills

Grass seeds are so little. Wee tiny things. Yet they wreak absolute havoc on our dogs’ paws.  Left untreated they can be the start of severe infections, abscesses, etc. And treatment isn’t always straight forward. To find the little buggers often requires anaesthetic so that vets can explore the problem area and locate the dreaded seed. This will cost you. Protect your dog’s paws using the secret weapon: dog boots. Grass seeds cannot penetrate the soles of either the Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots or the Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots.

Lower your dog’s chances of other grass seed injuries by keeping grassy areas mowed short and grooming your dogs very carefully, especially around the head, eyes and ears.

2) Stop Your Dog’s Paw Chewing Obsession

Dogs who chew their paws are not doing it for a hobby. Paw chewers frequently suffer from contact allergies in their environment which make their paws super itchy. It can become a mania for them. And their paws are continually moist and freshly chewed which slows down the healing in a big way. Dog Boots can sort this for you quick smart. The boots protect the paws from contact with allergens. The itching stops. And the paws can heal because they are protected and dry. For indoor use our Dog Socks can be a great protection as well.

3) Put An End To Painful Bindi Punctures

Is your dog sensitive to bindis? I know I am! Man, the bindis we have in Australia can be killer! Some dogs are more sensitive than others. We hear from people whose dogs just won’t walk on grass due to bindi exposure. You can fight back against bindis! The soles on our Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots and Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots are fully bindi proof. If your dog has issues with bindis consider them sorted.

4) Protect Your Dog’s Paws From Burns & Abrasion

I just got a call from a woman in Broome while writing this article. The temperature is 56 degrees celcius there now. And her dog just cannot go out without burning paws. Yes, dogs can & do suffer paw injuries from walking/running on hot or rough surfaces. Dogs have more callusing on their pads than we do, but often it’s not enough for our extreme temperatures.

The Guide Dogs Australia don’t risk their service dogs being out of action. They use Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots to prevent paw injuries from hot pavement. The Australian Army use Ruffwear Grip Trex Boots for their special canine units on overseas missions. These boots have proven their worth a thousand times over on hot and rugged surfaces.

Mushers Secret Wax Paw Protection is another great option for creating a barrier between your dog’s paw and hot or rough dangerous surfaces. It protects paws against sandburn and hot asphalt in summer as well as preventing snowballing and saltburn on your dog’s toes in the winter. If your dog’s paws are already sore Mushers Secret Wax Paw Protection can revitalise them.

Isn’t It Time To Give Paw Injuries The Boot?

Paw injuries are incredibly common. And they are painful, super inconvenient and often expensive. But they can be avoided altogether! Have a look at our dog boot range. If you’d like to chat with us about dog boots or your dog’s paw issues give us a ring on 1300 725 781. We’re here to help!

Not sure which boots to choose? Have a read of our boot choosing guide.

All the best to your pack!

“Love these boots, they are so sturdy and the quality is fantastic. One of my girls suffers from allergies during spring/autumn and so far the shoes seem to be assisting on keeping the feet free of irritants. We only put them on her when we leave the house yard to walk on the roadside and in our paddock but her feet are not nearly as red and sore as they usually are. Thanks for a great product.”
Narelle – Dubbo NSW

“The Ruffwear Dog Boots are great! We bought them for our dog Tookie who has yeast prone feet which he has developed a habit of chewing until he can’t walk.With his boots on he is unable to chew his feet and they have improved greatly.We are all much happier now!”
Katrina – Ellalong NSW

“I’ve been very happy with the Boots I’ve brought from Waggle for my Dogs. My dogs are Security Working Dogs and will work up to 8 hours straight in various hazardous environments. The boots do an excellent job of protecting their feet from broken glass and sharp rocks. Zoe was very helpful selecting the correct sizes and assisting with returning and shipping a new size when I had the incorrect one.”
Jakob Shanks – Morayfield QLD

“We have been using these on our dogs since 2007.
We have used these with our Dalmatian and our Standard Poodle when they accompany us during our running outings. They are the best product out there for any dogs doing longer runs to protect their pads from the road surface. Waggle were super quick with delivery, I highly recommend them.”
Andrew – Warrnambool VIC

“WOW! what a great product, better than I expected, excellent quality, like a real running shoe. Our little girl (Irish Terrier) Ceara loves them. A couple of weeks ago we bought small acreage, not realising she was allergic to every bit of grass and weeds on there. Itching and scratching with irritating rashes on her little paws… Once outside and realising that her feet weren’t hurting & burning, she ran and ran and ran with her brother around the property. Its amazing how they know, Now when its time to go out side she lays down for us to pop them on…. Waggle, thankyou for your easy to use site, description and instructions for the product.”
Amanda – Brighton QLD

“The were the perfect solution to prevent touch allergies on my Westie. The first few times were a challenge to get them on, but we have now worked it out that if his weight is behind it they slide on quickly (position yourself behind the dog or put the dog over your knee).”
Amanda – Brighton QLD

“Our cattle x kelpie has been suffering a nervous habit of licking his right paws to the point of infection. These dog boots have been great to keep his feet dry and on the road to recovery!”
Kasey Packer – Strathpine QLD

“I have been using the same pair of rough wear boots on my service dog Kane since 2008. They are invaluable in protecting the pads of his paws from hot bitumen and concrete when crossing roads or walking down footpaths. They provide excellent protection from broken glass, thorns and bindi eyes and other sharp objects. In shopping malls and department stores the soles provide great grip and they protect Kane’s toes when we get on and off escalators. Most importantly Kane loves them. As soon as I put the boots on Kane he does a three point turn dance on the spot and looks expectantly at the door. He loves them and loves to race around madly in off leash parks with them on. Amazingly they stay on. Wearing his boots Kane is a different dog. I recommend these boots for service dogs or pets equally and find the socks help to keep the shoes clean on the inside.”
Ben – Leichhardt NSW

“Darcy loves his Ruffwear Bark n Boots grip boots. They are great, easy to fit and they stay on and protect Darcy’s feet when we hit the rough tracks on the bike, no more worry about him getting sore feet. He quickly got use to wearing them too and his flashy new boots attract a bit of attention.”
Eliza – Melbourne VIC

“My Chocolate Labrador ‘Chloe’ has had chronic pad problems for many years. She suffers for hyperkeratosis. Last summer during our holidays she was severly lame from the heat in the ground on her tender pads. This summer Chloe has been wearing her boots to protect her pads and has enjoyed running beside the bike and playing at the beach. We’ve spent many days enjoying a walk and have had no pain or irritation. Thank you for a great product!”
Cathy – Blackburn VIC

“Brilliant little shoes! I purchased them for our three year old labradoodle to wear when we play golf (think bush 18 holes with every buzzy imaginable in summer). Olli took to wearing them like he had always worn shoes and the best bit, no buzzys in his pads and feet!”
Alysia – Boddington WA

“Just got the gorgeous boots for our boy Seamus. All I can say is that they are a smash hit. Seamus just loves the kong, sadly over the last few years we have had some claw strippings, OUCH!!. Because he is an olympic kong athlete, there was no way in the world that life would be at all enjoyable without “kong – time”. But now that he has his boots – let the games begin!!!!!!!!!nJust wanted to let you know that you have made our gorgeous goldie – Seamus very, very happy!!!!! Great service too. Many Thanks.”
Helen – Brisbane QLD

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