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4 People, 9 Camels & 1 Dog Walk From Alice Springs To Adelaide

newsGood luck to Angela Parr & the other crusaders in Compassion Camel Caravan, a courageous group of adventurers walking across the continent with an aim to raise money for Swags for the Homeless. Swags for the Homeless is a not-for-profit charity working to provide emergency relief Backpack Beds to every homeless person turned away from a shelter. Angela Parr contacted us to see about boots for their canine crusader and we were more than happy to contribute. Before her departure Angela sent the following update.

In May 2014 I approached Waggle to see if they would provide my dog Ruby with camels ruby3 ruby2some boots for a Charity Event we would be undertaking. The Event? An
1800 km trek from Alice Springs to Adelaide, by foot, accompanied by another 
couple, nine camels and one wagon. Why? To raise funds to purchase Swags for Australia’s Homeless.

Zoe, from Waggle, was on board straight away, and soon a set of “RuffWear” boots had been posted our way.

Ruby, a Red- Heeler (or Cattle Dog if you prefer), has always hated ANYONE or ANYTHING touching her paws, so straight off I knew getting these boots onto her was going to be a challenge. I approached a Dog Whisperer friend of mine, Sarah Rutten from The Canine Perspective, who promptly gave me some tips. Buy some baby socks and start Ruby off with these. I became even more sneaky and allowed Ruby to lie on the couch with us at night, providing she would wear these socks. If she wouldn’t wear the socks, then she had to get off the couch. No guesses for who won that round! Next I extended this to carefully slipping the boots over the socks, with special treats being offered to Ruby to make it a nicer experience. One night she accidentally rolled off the couch and stood with a most startled look on her face. She managed a few steps in her boots, even if it was in a most ungainly fashion, before vigorously shaking them off.

Today for the first time, Ruby has worn both her socks and her booties outside and has even had a decent run in them, without even so much as a side-ways glance, let alone a tug at her feet. Success!

These boots could well mean the difference between finishing or not finishing this trek. The terrain will be extremely rough, and whilst we are travelling in Winter, so there will be no hot sand, the prickles and rocks will prove to be enough of a challenge. We leave next Thursday and drive for four days out to Alice Springs. Here I will get Ruby acclimatised to the camels and both of us used to walking with them for up to five hours a day. We finally depart the Alice on the 2nd August. Then we walk 25kms per day, and sleep in swags along the way. We will encounter all sorts of challenges and dangers along the way, including wild bull camels, wild dingoes, poisonous snakes and strychnine -laced dingo baits. We have prepared well, but it is certainly going to be an adventure. Wish us luck!

Angela Parr

Compassion Camel Caravan is accepting donations to their fundraising efforts. Chances are you slept in a cozy bed last night and didn’t think a thing of it. Giving a little will help other people sleep more soundly too. We look forward to hearing more about the adventure!

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