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FUN FACT FRIDAY: 8 more interesting dog facts

interesting dog factsHey there Wagglers! Thanks for another great game of FUN FACT FRIDAY last week. I see that I will have to make my questions a bit trickier next time. Everyone who answered two of them got them correct. Yipes! You guys are clever. Thanks so much to all who participated. Here are all the correct answers:

Question 1: Are there dog breeds that don’t shed?
A: This first question was definitely the most controversial. The answer is actually no. All dogs do shed to some degree. I have a ‘non-shedding’ labradoodle and she definitely doesn’t shed much! But she does ‘tuft’ as I call it, in that tufts of her fur do appear around the house. They are lovely and cute but they are definitely hair that has come off her coat. Which is shedding. Many dogs do not shed very much at all, but even hairless varieties will shed some itsy bits amounts of hair from time to time. More on shedding here.

Question 2: True or False. Guide Dogs in the UK are trained to use bark activated washing machines.
A: Absolutely true. Canines from the Guide Dogs, Assistance Dogs, and Support Dogs in the UK have been trained to operate bark activated washing machines. Wanna see one in action? Have a look here.

Question 3: True or False. The term ‘hair of the dog’ originates from an ancient folk treatment for halitosis.
A: False. ‘hair of the dog’ originates from the saying ‘the hair of the dog that bit me’ which derives from an ancient cure for rabies in which you’d place some ‘hair of the dog that bit you’ on your infected wound to cure you. Successful? Probably not. Read more on this expression here.

Question 4: ‘Frito Feet’ is the name of the phenomenon in which the bacteria on a dog’s paws cause them to smell like corn chips. True or False?
A: I have to admit this is my favourite question yet. What does that say about me? Dog’s paws meet a lot of microorganisms on the ground.  And one of the only places dogs perspire is through the pads of their tootsies. The combo of moisture and bacteria that builds up in the fur of the feet and between the pads is known to create a the nutty, corn chip aroma. I actually LOVE the smell of Pluto’s paws and I’m a bit let down to learn that this odour is due to bacteria & microorganisms. Yuck! In any case this condition has actually been dubbed ‘Frito Feet’. Want proof?

I particularly loved Jedd Sheepie’s answer to this question: “True – very true. All that’s needed is a jar of Salsa and some avocado and Jedd’s feet would be Nachos!!!”

Question 5: Russian dogs have figured out how to use the subway system to travel to higher population areas where more food can be found. True or False?
A: True! Apparently these wily dogs are ambushing people for ‘shawarma’ too. Moscow ecologists think that dogs started acquiring this habits in 1990s when the Soviet union collapsed and Moscow fell into the hands of new class of Russian capitalists. Read more about these clever canines.

Question 6: Paul McCartney loved his Shetland Sheep Dog so much that he incorporated a high pitched dog whistle into one of his songs, solely for canine’s appreciation. No one else can hear it! Name that song.
A: The answer is ‘A Day In The Life’ as so many of you answered. Read what Paul McCartney has to say here.

Question 7: True or False. Dogs are capable of understanding up to 150 words & gestures.
A: Dogs can actually understand up to 250 words & gestures, can count up to 5 and can perform simple mathematical calculations. And YES, the average dog is much more intelligent than he or she is given credit for. Read more about your canine genius here.

Question 8: True of False. The tapetum lucidum refers to the wet membrane on a dog’s nose which helps with scent detection.
A: Almost all of you smelled a rat here. And you were correct! This is false. The tapetum lucidum is the reflective surface behind an animal’s retina which causes the eyes to glow in the dark. Its true function is to bounce back information transmitted to the eye in low light environments so your dog is given a second chance to decipher it. Amazing, eh? Here’s more on the tapetum lucidum.

Well, that brings us to the end of last week’s FUN FACT FRIDAY. Hope to see you all next month!

All the very best to your pack-


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