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Mini Foxie Makes 800 km Pilgrimage Across Europe

indyMeet Indy, a brave Mini Foxie who’s off on a BIG ADVENTURE. She’s headed to the Camino de Santiago which runs 800 km from France to Spain. This is the famous pilgrimage which features in Paulo Coelho’s book The Pilgrimage. The book is pure magic and I’m sure Indy’s trip will be no less than amazing. Indy’s raising funds for the RSPCA and we have been happy to help sponsor her canine adventure gear. She has promised to keep us updated on her travels. Here’s her introduction. 

Hi fur-loving folks,
My name’s Indiana Jane, but my friends call me Indy! I’m a 10-year old Mini Foxie and I live in Sydney.

I’m going to go on a BIG adventure with my Mum, which means we will fly from Sydney to London & then to France to start our 800km trek. We will follow the ancient Camino de Santiago trail and making sure we stop to smell the flowers and gambol through the fields.

More than anything, I can’t wait to have Mum all to myself for 8 whole weeks.

People tell Mum she’s CRAAAAZY for taking me along, but I know that she’d never leave me behind. We will have a tent, a sleeping bag, a map & each other and I reckon we’re going to have some FUN!!

Mum says I’m the little heartbeat at her feet & I know I get her through the rough days… I suspect she’s going to have a few of those over the next 800kms! I’m planning to make her laugh with all my silliness so she’ll forget how sore her feet will be!!

Here I am trying on some of the gear I’m taking… Do I look cool, or what?! *Grin*

Thanks to the awesome team at Waggle for sponsoring some of my gear, especially when they heard I will be raising money for the RSPCA’s Adopt-A-Pet program.

If you’d like to sponsor me on my walk, the link is:

Hope you’ve liked reading my travel plans. I’ll be writing some updates once Mum & I get going on the trail.

Have a Woofin’ great weekend,

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