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The Skinny On Dog Toys From Dog Training Experts

Have you ever said…’my dog’s got a million toys, and yet he still prefers to dig up the garden!’?

Often, when we buy toys for our dogs we don’t really think about how the dog is going to play with the toy. Or, in fact, if the dog is even interested in that particular type of toy.

There are hundreds of different toys on the market…cheap ones, expensive ones, toys that tug, toys that squeak, toys that bounce, supposedly ‘indestructable’ ones (don’t believe it until you’ve checked it out with your dog), puzzle toys and many others. So how do you choose the one that is best for your dog?

Firstly, think about how your dog is likely to play with the toy…ie. with you? or without you? Often, the toys we buy for our dogs are only fun when there’s a human attached, eg. tug toys, frisbees, balls. So your dog may have lots of toys at his disposal but they may be no fun at all when he’s on his own in the garden and you’re at work. Unfortunately, this is when digging the garden, pulling the washing off the line, eating the pot plants or remodelling the patio furniture is often far more fun for your dog than playing with the toys you’ve provided for him.

Keep in mind that there are lots of toy options other than toys bought from pet shops. The recycling bin is a great source of ‘toys’. Old cardboard boxes of every shape and size, tissue boxes (with the plastic piece removed), plastic bottles (with the lid and plastic ring removed and so long as your dog is not going to ingest the plastic), egg cartons, inside of toilet rolls and paper towel…all of these are great fun for a dog to rip and chew and pull apart. You can also create puzzle toys by putting a few treats (or even your dog’s breakfast) inside the boxes so that he has to forage and pull the box apart to get to his food – great fun and time consuming!!

And a raw, meaty bone can also be a great ‘toy’, and will entertain your dog for hours. (Just make sure you know your dog won’t chew the bone down so much that he can swallow it).

The best idea is to gather up all the toys you have and give your dog 3-4 toys each day, plus some of the recycling bin ‘toys’. Then when you come at night, gather them all up and give your dog a different 3-4 toys the next day. By rotating your toys your dog will think he’s getting new and different toys every day – even if by Day 4 he’s back to the toys from Day 1 (he won’t know : )!

This way, your dog has fun, you have fun, and your garden doesn’t suffer a canine renovation!

This article was contributed by our lovely friends at  dogLOGIC – Dog Training, Puppy Training and general Dog Behavioural Solutions in Sydney. They are lovely people who use only training methods that are positive, fun and reward-based for both you and your dog. If you need any help with Puppy Pre-School, Pet Dog Manners Courses, Individual Behaviour Strategies, Appropriate Puppy Breed Selection & Multi-dog Household Strategies, give them a ring!

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