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Dog Friendly Camping at Ophir, NSW

Dog Friendly River Camping in NSWOphir Dog friendly Campground NSWRuffwear Headwater Collar - Stinkproof & WaterproofCamp with your furry buddy to the sounds of water splashing along a refreshing riverbed under a blanket of stars. Sounds good eh? And it is! A couple weeks back we had a spectacular camp out at Ophir, a gorgeous campground located at the junction of the Lewis Ponds and Summer Hill Creeks at historic Ophir, near Orange NSW. I definitely would include this as one of my favourite camp spots in NSW.

Pluto had a rapturous time here and your pack will too. The scenery is ideal. Lots of  shade available and plenty of sunny spots too. The campground is split by a lively river with a dammed side and a causeway leading over it. Plenty of swimming for dogs and splashing about for kiddos if you bring them too. Fishing and hiking are popular activities as well.

Are there hot showers? Hell no! But flushing toilets are plenty luxurious for us. Picnic tables and fire pits sealed the deal.

Can you strike it rich? Why yes! Glad you asked. This is where gold was first discovered in New South Wales in 1851. Why not bring a pan and try your luck. Or you can always explore some abandoned mine shafts right in the reserve.

If you forget something Orange is just a hop skip and a jump away. Drive 20 minutes and you’re in the heart of civilization. Yet you feel a million miles away.

There’s no need to book, but the cost is $10.oo each night per vehicle which you can pay when the friendly volunteer rangers call in. Bring your own wood in. You don’t need a 4 Wheel Drive for access.

This splash filled weekend presented the perfect opportunity for us to test drive the new waterproof, stink proof Ruffwear Headwater Collar.

Our pack all sleeps in the same tent so stink proof is high priority! Pluto was in and out of the water all day like an aquatic fiend. True to promise the Headwater Collar performed exceptionally well.. no stinking at all and super quick drying. The collar is absolutely waterproof as it’s made from coated webbing so no water ever even gets in. The collar seemed a bit stiff at first but after Pluto gave it a few minutes wear it seemed very comfortable. And the reflective pattern came in handy as the evening grew dark and our flashlights easily detected her stealthy night time moves. Ha! She barely moved at all. She was so tuckered out from swimming!

Details for the camp spot are below. Have fun!
Ophir Reserve is on Ophir Road in Orange, NSW 2800
For more info call Orange Visitor Centre on 1800 069 466.
From Sydney: West 250km (3.5 hours)
From Canberra: North 320km (4 hours)

Need some info on where else you can camp with your dog in Australia? If your dog loves camping and you need to find some new adventure spots we’ve got a Bush Camping With Dogs book which provides info on where to go bush camping across Australia. We’d also love to hear about any great spots you know and have tried if you’d like to share!

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  1. Zara says:


    I would about camping and bringing my dogs. Could you please, sent me some information.

    Thnak you.


  2. zoe says:

    What kind of information are you looking for Zara? We have a book on bush camping with dogs in Australia which provides info on where to go:

  3. victoria says:

    It looks lovely. just wanting to know, is it suitable for caravans there? also, how long can you stay there?

    Thank you, Victoria

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