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FUN FACT FRIDAY: 8 more fabulous dog facts

1) What’s the fastest dog breed on earth?


The Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world. Their top speeds approach 45 mph. Amazing animals! The Whippet and Saluki are pretty darned fast too, with top speeds approaching 40 mph.

2 ) How many pups were in the largest recorded litter of puppies? Feel free to guess!


The largest number of puppies ever recorded in a litter was from a Neopolitan Bull Mastiff called Tia, in Manea in Cambridgeshire. Super mom Tia gave birth to a whopping 24 puppies!  A normal size litter for the Neopolitan Bull Mastiff breed is around six to eight puppies. She is clearly an over achiever!

3 ) What well known cartoon dog has an alter ego World War I Flying Ace?


How I love that awesome little dude.

4 ) True or False: Dogs are smarter than cats.


It’s been a subject of debate between cat lovers and dog lovers for years. I love them both, but for this question I’ve gone with the psychologist Harry J. Jerison’s Encephalization Quotient or EQ. It is a mathematically sophisticated comparison of the actual brain weight of an animal compared to the expected brain mass for that animal’s body size.  According to the encephalization quotient, the sharpest pencils in the box are humans, followed great apes, porpoises and elephants, but dogs are close on their heels. Sorry cat lovers, but felines are below. There’s also something to be said for the fact that dogs are social creatures and skilled at working with others to achieve their goals.

Read more about the Encephalization quotient here.

5 ) True or False: Your dog’s body temperature should be lower than your body temperature.


A canine’s normal body temperature should be between 38 – 39.4 Celsius. A dog’s body temperature which is outside this range warrants a call to your veterinarian.

6 ) Which dog breed is the tallest?


The Irish Wolfhound is considered to be the tallest dog breed.  The minimum height for these incredible giants is a stunning 82 centimetres tall. While Great Danes are not considered the tallest breed, a particular Great Dane named Giant George is the world’s tallest dog according to the Guiness Book of World Records. He’s a magnificent 109.22 cm tall!

Check out Giant George on his own website.

7 ) In astronomy, which star is commonly referred to as ‘The Dog Star’?


Sirius is the chief star in the constellation Canis Major – the greater dog. It’s the brightest star too.. as is deserving of a dog star!

8 ) True of False: All dog breeds have 42 permanent teeth.


While most canids have 42 chompers, there are exceptions to this rule. Chows have 44 teeth. As we saw from their tongue colour last month, they like to be different. Hairless breeds, true nonconformists,  often lose teeth early and have less than 42.

Thanks again everyone for participating. If you got a lot right, congratulations you smarty pants. If you got a lot wrong, congratulations all the same. At least we know you didn’t cheat. ; )  Hope it was as fun for you as it was for me. I hope you’ll come back for the challenge again next month!

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