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Million Paws Walk & a few words from my Inner Dog

A glorious day was had by all the Million Paws walkers yesterday in Katoomba! We had a fabulous turnout and perfect weather.

I spent the day in fur. Yes, that’s me with the spots. I have always felt I am part dog and I like to take any opportunity I can to set my inner canine free.

We gallivanted about with a sprinkling of yummy Delibones Biscuits for all the beautiful canines celebrating with us. We also brought about 20 Waggle Dog shirts which were  heaps of fun to give away. Pluto carried the biscuits in her green Ruff Wear Approach Pack which was much admired by all. This is such a beautiful annual event and such a great way to help raise funding for the RSPCA.

The sun poured down on us during my day in fur.  And certain things were very clear to me within my fuzzy suit. My inner dog would like to share them with you although we’ve all heard them before. Please remember to always bring water for your pups when you are out and about. Let me tell you that beneath all the fur I was parched! And never leave your pup in the car on a warm day. Even with the car in motion I had to have my window full blast open. I did resist putting my head all the way out… but it took all my strength!

Hope you all made the most of Million Paws! If not, don’t miss out next year.

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