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The Canny Collar : a tale of victory!
Canny Collar

Canny Collar

Another balmy Katoomba winter morning

Another balmy Katoomba winter morning & it looks warmer than it was!

It was last week on one of those frightfully frigid winter mornings in Katoomba. The wind blowing like there’s no tomorrow… and you could almost believe there wouldn’t be one. It felt like a frozen razor to the skin. This is a day where you’re definitely NOT in the mood for a dog to pull your arm off in many diverse directions on the morning walk. The shortest possible distance from point A to point B is a MUST.

My girl Pluto is not a puller. She saunters along beside me on a walk, generally keeping a lively & harmonious tempo. Enter Chico, a canine guest holidaying with us for four weeks. Quite a determined and strong fellow, Chico takes no notice that walking is a sport played by two. He’s in it for himself. God help the person on the other end of the leash! Two chocolately delicious labradoodles. A completely different walk experience.

In my no-nonsense mood I quickly decided to give Chico a go on the Canny Collar. This is a special collar we carry at Waggle purposely designed to stop dog’s pulling. The construction is like a regular collar, but there is an added slip strap which is worn over your dog’s snout. It is threaded through the collar and then the two ends of the strap come together where you attach the leash. Unlike the Gentle Leader, this training collar doesn’t pull your dog’s head to the side…which can be very disruptive for your dog’s alignment. Instead it gently lowers your dog’s snout in a natural curve toward the chest.

So.. there we were… out for the test drive. Pluto has never worn a Canny Collar so I’d never used one before. The directions on the box were very clear. I had no trouble getting the collar fitted onto Chico. We left the house and I’m not going to tell you there wasn’t a little bit of grumbling on Chico’s part. Clearly he was not thrilled. But he was not very uncomfortable either. A few minutes after our departure the whinging diminished. By the return trip typical Chico exuberance and joie de vivre was restored. Yaaay!

And my experience? Well, the difference in pulling was astonishing. Walking Chico was pretty effortless and he definitely noticed that we were working as a team this time. I’d call it a total victory! The pulling was virtually non-existant while using the Canny Collar.

I am well pleased with the whole experience. I mean there was no training involved or any preparation needed. We just popped the Canny Collar on our man Chico and that was that. To stop dogs from pulling on the leash, I highly recommend the Canny Collar. It’s a great tool for making walks more harmonious and enjoyable.

2 Responses to The Canny Collar : a tale of victory!

  1. Susanne Edwards says:

    Our Waggle purchase of the Canny Collar has liberated us, we can now walk our headstrong beast anywhere! Both our boys now sport the Canny collar and we couldn’t be happier.

    Loving the Scarf, I reckon you could have wrapped it around you head two more times and got ya ears covered :o)

  2. zoe says:

    I’m so happy to hear about your emancipation Susanne. That’s so great! I knew the Canny Collar worked, but trying it myself on Chico I was just amazed at how quickly the whole problem was solved.

    And I think you’re right about the scarf. About five more times would have been perfect!

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