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Amazing animal Sculptures by Teangi
Bart Chambers at work

Bart Chambers at work

If you ever wanted to have your canine buddy immortalised here’s the answer! May I introduce Bart Chambers who heads up the phenomenal team at Sculptures by Teangi. Under his close supervision Teangi creates fantastic metal works inspired by animals… with a special niche in custom designed sculptures of beloved pets. My cat Maxine, who disappeared several years back, is now immortalised in metal and the results are just  joyful. It’s magical for us to see her each day now in the garden.. sniffing the flowers as she used to. Read on to hear more of the story behind the art.

Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar. Drew Carey

How could anyone hate their job when they have a great job like I do? My name is Bart Chambers and I am CEO of Sculpture by Teangi. I also happen to be an 11 year old part Staffy, part Cattle dog. I should be retired but the Cattle dog in me says ‘work, work, work’. I love to work!


Bob the sculpture & Bob the dog

My job means I spend all day supervising my 4 staff, usually from a horizontal position, usually with my eyes shut.

My second in charge is my sculptor, her name is Teangi Chambers. I also have 3 production assistants who spend the day doing very little apart from what I call ‘reverse gardening’, putting everything where it shouldn’t be. They are collectively called ‘the girls’ or the ‘chook chooks’ and they often appear in the background of our photo shoots.

So what do we do at Sculpture by Teangi?

Well the name is a little bit explanatory. My sculptor Teangi makes a huge array of different animals from sheet metal.

Growing up as a young child a couple of things made Teangi who she is today. Her love for two things… one of them was her best friend, the family dog, a golden Cocker Spaniel named Sammy. As a child she was happiest walking, training, playing and just being with Sammy. Sammy trained Teangi well in having a great respect and love for all things canine and this transpired into all animals and nature in general.


Eddie the sculpture & Eddie the dog

Her other love was art. All things art basically but she really loved to use her hands and sculpture started to become a favourite.

Unfortunately life ‘intervened’ for Teangi. Sammy passed away and the stereotypical lure of a ‘real job’ took over. Luckily for Teangi she has come the full circle and now lives her dream everyday at Sculpture by Teangi.

Each of Teangi’s sculptures starts out with a particular animal ‘speaking to her’. We have a huge list of animals that we would one day like to sculpt but it’s a matter of each one having its right moment. When that moment arrives Teangi studies pictures of the animal, or when she is really lucky, she observes it in real life. The sketching then begins. Teangi tries to get to know the animal and from that a design eventually evolves.  The next step is on to the making stage when the animal gets ‘im –metal-ised’.

All the pieces Teangi makes are hand made ~ hand cut, shaped, drilled, punched, filed, riveted and painted. They are all individuals and made without patterns so, just like in nature, no two are ever the same.  It can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to make each piece depending on the size and painted finish of the piece. We even use steel sheeting, mainly offcuts, which would otherwise be returned to the smelt for reforming.


Gypsy the sculpture & Gypsy the dog

Recently Teangi has been really enjoying making commissions as part of her ‘Sculpt your Pet’ project. Teangi makes these great little sculptures based on people’s real pets. She understands that not all pets are just pets – they are part of the family and a huge part of people’s lives.

To make a pet commission Teangi studies photos people send of their pets as well as hearing about their personalities and loves. This enables Teangi to get a feel for the pet and then portray that as a sort of metal caricature. Teangi takes a great deal of time making an individual sculpture to show the pet’s personality but also in painting it’s unique markings, collar and tag. She loves getting to know her subjects and each one holds a special, welcomed place in her heart.


Maxine the sculpture & my sweet Maxine the cat

Teangi really likes to personally hand over each ‘Sculpt your pet’ sculpture as she loves, above everything, to see the smiles and sometimes tears that come with the owners seeing their pets in metal. It’s usual that these first meetings are charged with emotion as sometimes the real pets are no longer around but they live on as a happy memory in metal in their favourite spot in the garden.

One day I hope Teangi makes me … she promised that she would do so at the end of the year as a Christmas present to the family. I can’t wait to be immortalised in metal!

In the meantime I will continue to be the best CEO I can. I am vigilant, like any good cattle dog, in keeping everything in its place and in good order.

So that is why I love to work. It is in my DNA but I also have the best job in the world. Not only do I get to spend all day with my pack but I also love what we make at Sculpture by Teangi.

So back to my supervising role. I think I will spend the day supervising in the sun with my eyes closed again… for something different. So I better make like a cattle dog and get the flock out of here.

To see more of Teangi’s fabulous creations check out the Sculpture By Teangi website.


Ziggy the sculpture & Ziggy the dog

chickens at work

the chickens inspecting the work with a final quality check

Bart on a well deserved break

Bart on a well deserved break

8 Responses to Amazing animal Sculptures by Teangi

  1. Felicity says:

    The art work of our cocker spaniels, Bob and Betty is just amazing. You really have embodied our puppies personalities in the work. We look at them in the garden and wonder how you did it. Great work Teangi and thanks!!

  2. zoe says:

    I think Bob is actually my favourite sculpture… although it’s really hard to choose one. His curly ears just kill me!

  3. nadine Turner says:

    great range with great insight into each animal, loving eddie as you have captured “the look”. brilliant work cant wait to see more….

  4. zoe says:

    oh.. Eddie is just scrumptious too. I want to eat them all up!

  5. Julie says:

    I love these dogs. What a great concept.

  6. Annet says:

    Hey Bart, Love to hear your love of the job. Might apply for a job one day. Great blog. Our dear Eddie looks great an is just lovely to see him in the photo and the sculpture next to each other. He very strongly and dearly lives on in our memories 4 ever. Cutest dog on the planet.

  7. gGaston says:

    Ole Maxine immortalized in your garden… great! She was a classy kitty.

  8. zoe says:

    She certainly was. A class act for sure. Such a wonderful feline!

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