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Looking for a dog friendly rental property?

I remember when I was a renter not so long ago. A renter with four cats and a dog! Let me tell you that is not an easy scene at all. I tried various techniques from telling the whole truth so help me god, to under-declaring my posse, to lying outright about my menagerie. Still my pet resume always managed to cause me difficulties nabbing an address.

Here’s the good news to all furry renters out there. An Australian website now provides a pet-friendly rentals search tool to put you on the road to success. Rental contracts can be so ambiguous about dogs and cats. It’s great to finally have a resource which will let you know where you stand. The tool is something you download which will give you a listing of pet-friendly rentals in your area from and, two of the largest real estate websites.

You can sign up for email updates and even create a pet resumé for each member of your pack to hand in with your rental applications. A sterling resumé should impress the renters. If your dog chewed through the bathroom door in your last flat I wouldn’t recommend mentioning that….

Click here to give Pet Friendly Rentals a go!

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