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Dog friendly stays @ Copacabana Central Coast NSW
Dog friendly accommodations : Central Coast

Pluto & Lola frolic @ Avoca Beach

Where does the time go? (asks the mother of a 2 year old!) I have so many things I want to share with you but am challenged to get the time. I’ve heard that if you say to yourself ‘I don’t have time..’ then you will actually have less time than if you say ‘I do have time.’ (despite that the 2 statements take exactly the same amount of time to say!) It’s a mental thing… for those of us who know that we create our worlds from the inside out. I do have time! I do have time! So let’s get on with it!

Dog friendly accommodations : central coast

Fun at the beach


Pluto & her Ruff Wear Hydroplane

Pluto & her Ruff Wear Hydroplane couldn’t be separated!

Let’s talk about Copacabana NSW on the Central Coast.… located just a hop from the better known Avoca Beach. We’ve found this to be a fabulous beachy wonderland to go and stay with your canine companions. Sydneysiders take note: it’s really not far.. even in a car with a toddler! Most recently we stayed at The Copa Beach House, a gorgeous accommodation with a great big deck and AMAZING ocean views. It had everything we needed and was very comfortable. I’m a bit of a clean freak and I would have loved if the windows and screens were spotless, but if that’s my only criticism I’ll definitely go back and stay again. The yard was fenced and the deck was safe for toddlers. That, a gin & tonic and a splash of sunshine can make me pretty happy these days.

Nothing beats a good splash about!

Nothing beats a good splash about!

Copacabana is a cute little bug’s ear of a beach town with a great big dog friendly beach. It’s got a section which is absolutely advertised as dog friendly, but we saw dogs running amuck all across the whole beach so I wouldn’t worry if you wander a bit. The town has a really adorable cafe with a funny name, Fubah. It’s an refreshing little joint with sweet beachy decor including a giant flip flop on the wall. They offer an eclectic mix of food and different themed nights like open mic, games night, etc. And the outdoor dining area can accommodate your furry friends.

Avoca beach is just a hop, skip and a jump away. This is another great beach where dogs seem to be a consistent part of the action.. despite signs which declare the opposite. Really there were dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere. We enjoyed delightful brekkies at the Avoca Beach Surf Life Saving Club Cafe which is right on the beach with gorgeous views and canines aplenty in the outdoor seating. A bonus for parents of young children is the toy basket here. Avoca beach is just gorgeous & has a great sheltered area created by a rock break so if you have young children it’s easy for them to swim & carry on safely.

Pluto gave her stay at Copa Beach House a double paws up!

For more information on great dog friendly accommodations check out these great books: Life Be In It Holidaying With Dogs and Bush Camping With Dogs.

2 Responses to Dog friendly stays @ Copacabana Central Coast NSW

  1. Susanne Edwards says:

    Great Blog, it’s always great to dogs and their pack having fun. I am very much looking forward to getting our Holidays with Dogs book which is on route from you right now :o) I do feel NSW needs to be explored by the Edwards Pack from Vic!

  2. zoe says:

    Thanks Susanne. Unfortunately I don’t yet have any dog friendly accommodation anecdotes from Vic as I’ve only been there before we met Pluto. Great koala stories though! Holidaying with Dogs should sort you out in that department. If you know of any fabulous getaways in Vic (or elsewhere in oz) we’d love to post your reviews. Let us know if you’re ever coming to the Blue Mountains. I’m sure Pluto would love a romp with your pack!

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