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Amazing Navy Seal Dogs helped nab Bin Laden
Navy Seal Dog with Protective Armor and infrared camera

Navy Seal Dog wearing Protective Armor and infrared camera

It never ceases to astound me how much dogs are able and willing to do for us! When I heard that a Navy Seal Dog was involved in the taking of Osama Bin Laden I shouldn’t have been surprised. Explosive sniffing dogs do their job better than any human or even specially designed machinery could ever hope to.

Navy Seals descending from helicopter

Navy Seals descending from helicopterr

One brave and incredible canine recruit descended from a Black Hawk helicopter into Bin Laden’s compound with the rest of his human team in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Apparently he was strapped to an assault team member of the most prestigious Navy Seals unit. This dog took part in a dangerous and strategic mission that made a dynamic impact across the globe. To him…. probably just an ordinary work day.

Amazing, eh! Working army dogs wearing ballistic armor have been an important members of specialist army units for decades.

They wear infrared cameras that send live televised information in the dark to warn of ambushes and provide visual information about their surroundings. They are kitted out with body armor that can protect them from knife wounds, shrapnel and gunfire. The dogs wear oxygen masks and can jump from aircraft at 25,000 ft!  And they are trained to attack anyone carrying a weapon.

That picture I’ve posted of the dogs descending from the helicopter says it all. These dogs are superheroic and I am so proud to think that my dog is in the same species. Once again I say go working dogs go!!! You rock hard!

If you want to see the fabulousness of working dogs in action don’t miss Extraordinary Dogs on Chanel 7 on Sundays. This week another amazing dog was sporting the Ruffwear Dog Boots we sell. An expert in his line of work, this happy dog identifies fires that have been started by arson.  Look no further to be inspired by dog power!


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