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New dog boarding venue: Southern Highlands, NSW
Walkies Dog Retreat: Southern Highlands

Walkies Dog Retreat: Southern Highlands

It’s all for one and one for all in our pack. When we’re on holiday, we’re ALL on holiday. This includes our fuzzy companion Pluto. There’s no way we’d ever leave her in a cage somewhere while we frolic, swim and make merry. How could we? Those are the things she does best! To achieve even a small getaway involves lots of research and planning around dog-friendly accommodations. We brandish our copy of Holidaying With Dogs like a bible. And I’ve spent absolutely dizzying amounts of time sifting through dog friendly listings on

Within Australia it’s all doable. But what about when an overseas trip is in the cards? We put visiting our friends and family off for years feeling very uneasy about leaving Pluto with anyone. Finally we used a house sitting website service and got referred some matches of people looking for a place to house sit. We interviewed some, but it’s so hard to know if they are really interested in being a companion to your dog or whether they are just looking for free accommodations in the Blue Mountains for a month. The idea of leaving my dog with virtual strangers, even at my house, doesn’t sit well with me. Would I leave my toddler under these circumstances? No way! And I’ve had my dog even longer.

That’s why it’s such great news to hear of fabulous holiday accommodations for dogs… where dogs can go on their own for a retreat while their people go elsewhere. This is an option for us!

Walkies, A new dog boarding retreat has opened in the Southern Highlands, and from the pictures it looks like a dog’s paradise. Here’s how it’s described:

“The property is 5 acres, the block has a walking track around the land, which the dogs love, along the path the dogs discover a large dam and have swims retrieving toys and sticks. Daily hour walks separate to property are taken place including a weekly beach run. Once morning walk is completed the dogs receive enrichment toys, such as everlasting treat balls, tux toys, rita’s, bento balls, twist n treats, ice blocks, kongs and a few original designs to keep them occupied till the afternoon. During the day there is sleeping in the sun or following Kylie or Phil around the property while they potter about, meanwhile playing with the other puppies, then its another walk or a session of retrieve in the afternoon.”

We are going to go and have a visit and we’ll update you with a review when we do. But from the looks of these pictures, the dogs are having a ball.

What I like most about this place so far:

  1. Only 5 dogs stay at once so the pack atmosphere won’t be overwhelming for the dogs
  2. The owner is a dog trainer as well as a qualified vet nurse so if anything happens your dog is in good hands
  3. Quality dog food is part of the program and specialised diets are happily adhered to
  4. The land looks beautiful and swimming is what our Pluto loves best

> Find out more about these canine holiday accommodations here.

3 Responses to New dog boarding venue: Southern Highlands, NSW

  1. Geraldine says:

    To whom it may concern

    I am just trying to find out in your site where there is an email address to possibly contact someone that could help me train my dogs.

    With kind regards


  2. zoe says:

    Hi Geraldine,
    Where are you located?

  3. Liz Ebeling says:

    Hi, I can’t seem to find where Walkies is in the Southern Highlands. We have previously left our dogs at kennels where they spend more time locked up then out running around. So now we always try to take them with us, but as you know it isn’t always possible. Walkies sounds like it may be an option. Thankyou, Liz.

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