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Working dogs rock on!
Working dog

Working dog

Last night I was watching coverage of the devastation from the earthquake in Christchurch. My heart goes out to all the people in that area and of course their furry ones. It really makes you realise just how fragile we are on this earth. While I was watching some footage of a rescue team I saw a beautiful white dog hard at work in the rescue efforts, sniffing out people beneath the rubble. It brought me back to 2001 when I was living in Toronto, Canada. The World Trade Towers had just collapsed and New York police and firefighters were requesting donations of dog boots.


Back then Waggle wasn’t even a twinkle in our eyes yet and I’d actually never heard of dog boots. At first it seemed like such a strange request. Then as we learned more about the working dogs on the scene I became aware of how important protective gear such as high quality dog boots and dog sunglassesย can be for the working dogs.

It struck me then how hard the dogs were working for us to save as much human life as possible. Dogs do so much for us. Sometimes I think humans forget how much. Dogs have such a beautiful willingness to apply themselves to our projects once we communicate our goals. It’s truly amazing. Dogs and humans have been working as a team together since we lived in caves as hunters & gatherers. We have been destined for a beautiful friendship and partnership.

At Waggle we take great pleasure in improving the lives of Australian working dogs. When Australian Army Dogs are despatched for overseas missions they are often fitted out with our Ruffwear Boots and Doggles to protect them while they sniff out bombs in the desserts of the Middle East. Australian police dogs and many of the Guide Dogs are also geared up with our boots to help them with their work. It is all truly inspiring.

I guess I just want to take a minute and send positive vibes to all the dogs out there working to make our lives better. Whether you’re off on special missions or helping us out on our farms or guiding us through life… you dogs rock!!

4 Responses to Working dogs rock on!

  1. Yay for working dogs! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love my job and take it very seriously. This is a great blog, We will be following with great interest.

  2. zoe says:

    Hey Luigi! Thanks for the shout out. And aren’t you just adorable! I checked out your blog. : ) At Waggle we have the utmost respect for service dogs and have just sponsored ‘Waggle’ the Assistance dog through his 2 years of training with Assistance Dogs Australia. He’s a very clever guy, top of his class! But he’s very big and spirited and so is waiting for an assignment to someone with a similarly large personality. It’s very EXCITING!

  3. Yeha, we follow you on facebook too so we have seen posts about “Waggle” ๐Ÿ™‚ Good on you for sponsoring him. If your thinking about sponsoring another Assistance Dog I would love to suggest that you sponsor one though our organisation!

  4. zoe says:

    Luigi, I think your work as a service dog would make an excellent guest blog story as well. If you ever want to contribute I’d be more than pleased! : )

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