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Dogs and babies living in harmony
Lola & Pluto

Lola & Pluto

I just read this article on bringing up babies with dogs. So I brought my baby up wrong. Should I act surprised? It was my first go after all. My daughter Lola (who is now 2) became enthralled with our toy tester Pluto at an early age. What did we do? We encouraged it like crazy of course… as we consider Pluto an important member of our family. We talked to her about Pluto constantly while she remained forever fascinated. We lay them down together and let them roll all over each other. Many a kiss was exchanged. The mother-in-law did not like the video footage I can tell you that! But they were so sweet. And Pluto remained always gentle. This is apparently how you ‘magnetise’ a baby to dogs.

But, as we’ve all heard in anecdotes, even the sweetest dogs can react with a bite when a baby or toddler pushes their buttons. I sympathise. For certain I’ve reacted out of character to some of the things my little angel has done to me. For whatever reason we just don’t imagine that our dog will be the one to react that way. It’s like when we leave food on the table and expect our hungry canines not to help themselves when we leave the room. If someone left something delicious you loved on the table when you were really hungry wouldn’t you be tempted to have a little bite? Or just snorffle the whole thing!

Even today at 2 years old Lola talks about Pluto non-stop. My Lola is a cautious girl though and doesn’t approach strange dogs. Yet. Probably no thanks to me. I think I should be doing a bit more to retrain her that dogs are not her casual play pals. And I’m going to work on it. I’ve definitely been complicit in helping her ‘magnetise’ to Pluto. And it’s never too late to train her.

2 Responses to Dogs and babies living in harmony

  1. Kara says:

    Theo thinks all dogs are as lovely as hers. It’s not so good really… I have to keep telling her to stop and not rush straight at them. And she is used to a cattle dog and dobermann!!!

  2. zoe says:

    Kara Smith you are a quickdraw! It’s a really challenging issue.. especially for those of us who weren’t thinking about the possible repercussions when we made our dogs into rock stars for our babies. Luckily my rugrat is a bit more hesitant. Apparently you can still teach an older kid new tricks. : )

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